Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 24/7 News Feed will be responsible for all the SEO related activities on your website. We promote Auto-SEO which makes your online website visible to potential consumers within less period of time..
News Feed has different plans and we will suggest you with the desirable plan according to the requirement of your online business. The price of our various plan are highly affordable..
Yes, News Feed offers paid premium service which brings a lot more add-ons and plug-ins with it. Glitter your website with N number of features offered by News Feed..
Absolutely yes, our website and other online business management services are preferable for an e-commerce business. You can efficiently grow your e-commerce business by partnering with 24/7 News feed..
Your customers can enroll themselves in News Feeds subscription services and whenever any important update rolls out they will be receive an automated email explaining the updates and its use which will increase their engagement in your business online..
The content to be updated on your website totally depends on your line of business. You may mention the services your business offers in the present day and what will your future offerings to your valuable clients..
News feed is just the manager and you are the actual owner of your website or online business. We can only manage and guide you with things, as far as creating content is concerned only you are the best person who can convey what your business offers to your clients. However, we can help you with the styles and format of conveying your message and opinions to your existing and potential clients through your online portal..
No need to worry about anything while partnering with News Feed. We have dedicated team who will be able to manage your online portal with ease. You just need to click on certain function on the online portal and rest will be our responsibility..
24/7 News Feed is the location-stationed platform which help start-ups and medium sized businesses to go online which will gradually generate hefty returns for the business..